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Jana Kramer
May 11, 2021 | One Brick Blog | Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer on Bubbly Rosé


Jana Kramer, creator of One Brick Wines, sits down with her Winemaker Mica Raas and talks about the best Bubbly Rosé from One Brick Wines. This limited release wine is great for a summer brunch toast with the girls. The perfect wine for summer, sun and a bathing suit.

We are so excited about this first vintage of Bubbly! It has red cherry aromas and flavors followed by crisp apple and fresh white peach. There is a touch of toasted bread and nut aromas that add a sexy nuance to the profile. It tastes dry and crisp with flavors of hibiscus tea and green apple.

Grapes for sparkling wine are traditionally picked less ripe than grapes meant for still wines. At that point the grapes have less sugar and more acidity, perfect for the classic crisp style of sparkling wines. With that in mind, we harvested these grapes earlier than we would for still wine, at a low natural sugar level and high acidity. This wine falls into the Extra Brut category of sparkling wines, meaning the wine in considered “dry” (not sweet) and there was zero sugar (known as dosage) added to the wine.

This Bubbly is so good you may find the bottle is empty before you’ve finished cooking. Should you have some left, it pairs delightfully with appetizers featuring fresh, light flavors, most brunch menu items, sushi, crab cakes, truffled potato chips, fresh goat cheese, and good times in general.


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