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Jana Kramer
February 25, 2021 | One Brick Blog | Jana Kramer

Perks of a Screw-Cap

The first two wines released for One Brick use screw-caps instead of cork and we often get questions as to why?

We won't always use screw-caps because there are wines and processes that do work better with cork and we know that sometimes popping a cork just plain feels special!

So why do we use screw-cap enclosures?

Traditionally, wine bottles have been sealed with a piece of bark from a tree known as cork oak.  While we love the sound of a wine cork popping, sometimes it makes more sense to go with a screw-cap wine. 

Screw-cap wine enclosures have been around since the 1950s and offer many advantages.  Our wines benefit from a screw cap, because it seals the bottle better and regulates just the right amount of oxygen, keeping the wine crisp, fresh and well preserved.  It oxidizes the tannins, which helps create a smoother finish, lovely aromas and an overall nice and drinkable wine. 

screw cap vs cork

Our Top 3 Perks of a Screw-Cap

  1. No more “corked” bottles which ruin thousands of bottlings each year. You won’t have to worry about “corked” wine anymore.
  2. Metal screw-caps, though not a renewable resource, are recyclable.
  3. Convenience … easier to open and close wherever you are enjoying your bottle.  Cheers to that!


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